A member pf the public tried to feed her






Right Sam now this goes onto your head





O.K Sam that should keep the children away from the lake side.




I do think that the Pub could get its fish from the market




Yes Mr Bond we all know that you work for the British





                                  A day sailing and Lunch with the Family




One of the clubs new banners, this one can be found at the entrance to the pub via the car park




                                                 Our very own sea monster



                                                                         One of our newest members Lifeboat. 



A great turnout of boat & members for the reopening of the outdoor food area of the Swiss Cottage P/H (02/07/2022)




Band of Brothers 2022





                                                                                     Our very own 007



Submarine V Sail

Who will come out on Top??




                                                                                       A hat trick of sail


                                                                                            Afternoon tea



 Members removing the overhanging branches, to allow a better view of the lake 




   The new outdoor eating area of the Swiss Cottage.




The rebuild of the Swiss Cottage grounds




                                                                      A few from today's sailing





  We have reports that you have "woollen mittens"

                                                                         O.K now what are you going to do



A few out sailing




Chitty Chitty Bang Bang may have its Child catcher, but we have our own boat catcher

                                                                   One of Bill's from Eastbourne




Graham having some Fun



                                                       Photo's from this morning saling (26/05/2022)






                                               Photo's from the club meeting on the 22nd May 2022




Its not as heavy as it look's


                                                                      Time to sit back and have a drink




A Deans Marine Thornycroft R.A.F. HSL.



                                                            We also have Trucks



Tony White's ferry

Now if you would like to own the fine model then please contact Tony



                                                           Tony White's Ferry

                                        Looks as if Bob is trying to make his club 500 into an amphibious boat

Videos of Todays Tugs are on the clubs Facebook page

Jack's Southampton showing how to do it




The things we have to do just to keep our other half happy




                                                          Sam's WW 2 Envoy Tug

                                                                                   Bob's Tug "Svitzer M"



  Sam & Graham discussing Grahams new boat

  (Video on the water can be seen on our Facebook page)




                                                       Time to sit back and relax




A surprise visit today




                      A model from the 1960's still going strong





We do like to go wild at times






It's your turn to be taked









                                                    Time to just sit back and bonder life




A grand day out, just sailing your boat



                                                        Not a grand day out for some




The great Tombola & Easter Egg Hunt. (16/04/2022)


                               Roll up Roll up for a go at the Tombola

                                                                          And a winning ticket 


A very happy young man after winning at the tombola




This model is based on a patrol boat that was built in Shoreham,

The builder who used to work for the shipyard used the blueprints of the original boat to make this model.


                                           With all that was going on around them the decks still found time to rest




Club 500



                                                        One of Sam's Club 500




                                        Nigel's 3D printed Jet Ski







                                    Photos taken by Sam (14/04/2022)


                                                                               The Crews of the day

















                Nigel's new Ford GPA  (Seagoing Jeep)

                called "Leaky"




                                                                                        Gordon 1927 - 2022

It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Gordon

Gordon passed away peacefully yesterday (17/03/2022)at the age of 95 , he will be sadly missed by his Family and Friends.

Gordon was a long time member of the club, who always had time to talk to new and old members, and always a smile on his face no matter what.

He will be missed by us all.

Keep Sailing Gordon





Gordon celebrating his 95th Birthday with members of the club


Doggie celebrating his 90th Birthday with club members


















Club meeting 17/02/2022















Paula & Graham at Midhurst (2022) 

Paula along with Sam supplied all the photos' of the show.





















                           Jeff with some of his R/C vehicles

















A few photos from around the Midhurst Show (2022)





























































































                         Meccano seen at the Midhurst Show (2022)













The following Photos are Courtesy of Sam




                                         To days crews



The crew's of the day getting there boats ready.



The now famous fingerless glove



                            Thunderbird's are "GO"

Malcolm going out to rescue his own Sliver Surfer.



          The Crew for today




                               The Crew of the clubs first sail of 2022                                              



                                      The clubs first sailing of 2022



Gordon being presented with a model of HMS Belfast,

Gordon was part of the ships crew during his time in the Navy. 



                                          Todays sailing (16/12/2021)



   The Three wise Men

   Photo's Courtesy of Paula



That man there stand up straight shoulders back 



Bob just who is that on the end?



                              O.K Bob you can be the new club Mascot



O.K so when I do this the boat goes to the right

Photo's courtesy of Sam




                          I know the stand is some were around here?



 Who Me




     I think I have the best beanie hat so Just keep together,       and smile



                                                       Christmas Dinner 2021 

                                                       Photos  courtesy of Sam



                  Our Annual Night Sail (20/11/2021)





Remembrance day 2021



WW2  VW Schwimmwagen

                                                       Martin our new member first sail.



The Shoreham fishing boat that was taken by the French returns home,



                                      I be glad when the coffer gets here.




Well weathered Coaster.



Sam trying to keep us all safe.



O.K that should be long enough




                                                     Pre lunch testing

                                                     Nigel - Steve & Bob



Pre launch Instructions

                                                      Shoreham Life Boat Cox Steve Launching his own model of the

                                                      Shoreham Life Boat at a slower pace than he is used to.

                                                       At sea for the first time



                                                The new Dover Patrol




Now that was a bit tight




                                      Right it is then Port to Port 



Now is you was to push it this way would it go any faster?



                                                That looks good, What is it?

                                                    Peter setting up his narrow boat



Now should that go there?



                                  Bob at the Brighton Model World 2011




A Ready to Run Tug




Sam playing "Let's so how fast we can go"

                                                                         Bill from Eastbourne new Pusher Tug

                                                                                St Canute Tug




Bob's old Joffre tug


MGB Cereal

This is Doug Wakefield new member of his cereal box fleet


Steve Smith with Bob 

When the club Presented Steve with a model of the Shoreham Lifeboat after 21 years service with the R.N.L.I








                 Steve with the Swiss Cottage MBC Committee alone with Daniella of the Swiss Cottage Public House








The Crew checking her out, to make sure she is ship shape and Bristol fashion before going out on a shout








Steve Smith handing over to  the new Coxen of the Shoreham Lifeboat 









                         A Flotilla of Sail









                                                                  S.W. Salvage. 

                                                                                        S.W Salvage called out or

                                                                                         The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea.



       Bill Skeel Thames Barge, that has be renovated by                    Peter Briggs















         Wolf Pack














R.N.L.I. on a call out









         Doug's steam drifter



















The Croc was back








                                               After the rain on Sunday the Gazebo's had to be dried out.

                                            KW Marine Salvage at work, they undertook three salvages today










On the lake today (15/7/21)











































































A few of the boats on the lake today (7/7/21)






We seem to have some new Wildlife in our lake, could it be a Freshwater Crocodile



Sam's Vietnam U.S river boat  (PBR)

This is a RTR model

Sam's Smit Rotterdam




Keith doing the Rescue.



A few photos from today's sail



A few images from the club's "D" Day 2021




Sam's R.T.T.L at speed



Doug's Australian Mine Sweeper



Time to catch up wth club members for the first sail of 2021 and then in for Lunch



Sam (Chairperson)



I do hope he got my good side.



I just my go for the ????



Just a few shots of our first sail as lockdown is eased (27/05/2021)



Joffre Tug



RNLI Lifeboat



Pilot Boat



Cabin Cruiser at speed






WW2 "E"



Bob's Tug



Peter's Narrowboat



Deep Dive 6



Hello we are Back (20/05/2021) it is so nice to be back inside again, looking forward to seing you all  soon.


So this what the inside looks like.


So have you been up to much?



Thanks to Sam - Keith - Denis - Bob and Foreman Bailey 

Who have placed the new anti fall netting around the lower decking.



The New anti wildfowl netting 






Peter Briggs H A kit Narrow Boat.

She is 22inches long and semi scale, Peter has had to make some modifications to fit the R/C equipement into her.



The internal layout of Peter Briggs H A kits Narrow Boat




Please wipe you feet before entering




The new gate



A good day to start paing the decking.


Thank you to Sam - Keith - Den's and Bob the Forman

For doing a grand job.



Sam doing a grand job on painting the decking at the Club lake



Photo's sent in by Keith West, taken at Hove lagoon.


The Sea Queen after her run in December 2020




A very fine model of the Sea Queen, this photo was taken on the 1st December 2020.



Dave demonstrating the use of waders, just as his boat goes on its way



Dave from Worthing modling chest high waders that are a good idea to have.


All of the following photo's are from

Keith West

They were all taken at the Hove Lagoon, were some of our members meet up on a Tuesday to runn I/C boat's



We have Mick of Newhaven & Derek from Shoreham



Dave from Worthing boat doing a speed run


In the picture are

Dave from Worthing

John West from Hove

Mick from Newhaven

Derek from Shoreham




Nigel and Bob manning the Club stand.

not in short are Kith and Sam who took the photo's on the day 



Display of members models



The club's Lifeboat display.

On Sunday the 13th December 2020

the club was asked to take part in the

Shoreham Christmas Market.



Lunch to-day at the Swiss Cottage



03/09/2020 sail



Some of the members from todays sail







The truck with its new yellow wheels



The Club's RNLI day (08/08/2020)



Seting up the Club tables



Sam's 500 class 



500 class



Two members of the Public

trying out Sam's club 500.



Dennis lovly Cabin Cruiser



Nigel's ASRL



Bill Skeel nicely turned out Yacht.



A very nice model of

Model Slipways

Maggie "M"



Dougs Lifeboat out on the water



A very nice boat from

Dennis Lascelles




Two boat from Mark Davis

                of the

Easterbourn Model Power Boat Club



Yes a PBY (Catalina)



Tsekoa 2



Dennis Vietnam PBR 



Bob's new Tug



And on the Water



Keith doing the rescues bit



Young Bob's lockdown Boat,

Bob constructed the model from 

bits and pieces that he had laying




Members enjoying the sun and sailing



A good days sailing



Members boats



Dockside Maintenance

work being carried out 

on the club jetty


Sunday Sailing



Sunday Sailing




You just can not beat a good clean 


I say




Yes Sam I agree with you Sam



Our new Union Flag



The new flag being raised



Is that the right way?



Yes we did get some boats

on the water


Our little Friend



Time to catch up with fellow club members 



First day back at the Swiss Cottage

9th/July 2020



In memory of Peter Brown

Who passed away on the 3rd July 2020



In memory of Peter Brown

Who passed away on the 3rd July 2020



R.N.L.I. at Alfold 2017



R.N.L.I. at Alfold 2017



R.N.L.I. Hovercraft



R.A.F. Crash Tender

at speed



World War Two 

R.A.F. High Speed Launch



World War Two  Gun Boat




Grey Funnel Line

Alfold 2017



Grey Funnel Line

Alfold 2017



Grey Funnel Line

Alfold 2017



The Grey Funnel Line

at Alfold 2017



Tug's at Alfold 2017



Tug's at Alfold 2017



Tug's at Alfold 2017




Tug's at Alfold 2017




Tug's at Alfold 2017



Tug's at Alfold 2017



Tug's at Alfold Show 2017




R.N.L.I. Open day 2017



R.N.L.I. Open day 2017

The inshore lifebaot showing its paces



R.N.L.I. Open day 2017




R.N.L.I. Open day 2017 

Lifeboat about to be launched



R.N.L.I. Open day 2017




R.N.L.I. Open day 2017



R.N.L.I. Open day 2017



At the start of the year the sailing courses have to be put out.


Alfold 2017


Alfold 2017


Club Stand at Alfold 2017


Tsekoa 2 Stern Deck


Model Slipway Tsekoa 2


One of the fun water model in the club


Royal National Lifeboat Institution

is just one of the Club's fundraising projects


Just three of the lorries built by our members 


Club Stand with some of the other type of models that our members make



Club Stand @ Midhurst 2020


A few other boats from 2019 Midhurst



Crawley Model Boat Club @ Midhurst 2019


Keith's Boats @ Midhurst 2019


Club Stand @ Midhurst 2019


Nigel & Keith at the 2019 Midhurst Show


The Club stand at Midhurst Model Show 2019


                                           The "Brains Trust" at work


Doug's P/T boat                         

Can now be seen in the bar of the

Swiss Cottage Public House



Bob Rice with the Trophy that was presented to the club by Shoreham R.N.L.I. for all the support that the club has given to the R.N.L.I.



Doug trying out for water tightness on his new boat.


Our New Member's R.A.F. Rescue Launch


Bob Pushers Tug