The Club stand at the Newhaven RNLI Day


                                                         Stormy Stan leading the opening parade 


                         Thanks to the dedicated few, the new duck house has been installed onto the lake





Sam trying out for the RNLI




                                             Club stand in the locker room

                                                             Club stand Shoreham RNLI from the locker room



Our stand at the Shoreham RNLI day from the slipway



                                                                     A good turnout 


                  A very nice Vic Smeed Guardsman on the water for the first time in a number of years




A nice selection of boat on the water 



                                                                           First time towing




Just a bit on the windy side

                                                                                                T.I.D just leaving harbour




Ferry coming into dock at the clubs new harbour



                                                  A new passenger ferry




A very nice T.I.D Tug out on the water for it's second time.




If you just try this John, it just may stay out of the bush?





MMM Tug, using a Ultrasonic mist maker as a smoke unit




                                                                     Sam got out some of the older one's




Duggies new model




Due to the heavy rain we now have to make some repairs

                                                          Thanks to Sam we now have a clean landing stage




Just keeping it warm

                                                                                 The Crew of 2023



                                                                        Geoff Zwarte Zee Maiden Voyage



Our very own Santa (Bob)



                                                                 Time to meet Santa




                Club stand at the Shoreham Christmas Fair 2022



                                      Jeff & his hand crank Barrel Organ                                       at the Shoreham Christmas fair 2022                                            



Night Sail 19/11/22





Nigel's Lifeboat, the light gantry can be lowered from the TX




                                        Our Chairman receives the recognition that he deserves for his sailing skills 




Geoff receiving the Bob Jenner Cup from Sam 

                        Sam receiving his Blue Plaque in Honour of his attempt to demolish the Duck House




Sam with his Blue Plaque

                               Nigel receiving a thank you card for all the hard work he has put into the club




                                           Sam with his Specsaver trophy



John receiving the Specsavers Trophy




                                    John receiving the Anchor Trophy



                                 Some found the day very tiring



A very good turnout for the AGM 2022





                 This is why you must stay away from the trees







                                                                    Our local Heron




The young and the old having a days sailing.





Pilot boat awaits to take them into port





The Coaster found the weather at times a bit much

                                                            The Tug's went out



R.N.L.I on stand by along with a harbor tug





A WW2 Rescuer



                                                        Modern day Rescuers                                                               

                                                                        The Rescuers are Go




Peter's steam lake cruiser



                                                    The Black Scallop sets sail



                                                                                 So Mr Bond we meet again



Paula's new toy


                                                                     O.K lets play follow the leader



A few yachts out today


                                                                            O.K so you are bigger than me



A member pf the public tried to feed her






Right Sam now this goes onto your head





O.K Sam that should keep the children away from the lake side.




I do think that the Pub could get its fish from the market




Yes Mr Bond we all know that you work for the British





                                  A day sailing and Lunch with the Family




One of the clubs new banners, this one can be found at the entrance to the pub via the car park




                                                 Our very own sea monster



                                                                         One of our newest members Lifeboat. 



A great turnout of boat & members for the reopening of the outdoor food area of the Swiss Cottage P/H (02/07/2022)




Band of Brothers 2022





                                                                                     Our very own 007



Submarine V Sail

Who will come out on Top??




                                                                                       A hat trick of sail


                                                                                            Afternoon tea



 Members removing the overhanging branches, to allow a better view of the lake 




   The new outdoor eating area of the Swiss Cottage.




The rebuild of the Swiss Cottage grounds




                                                                      A few from today's sailing





  We have reports that you have "woollen mittens"

                                                                         O.K now what are you going to do



A few out sailing




Chitty Chitty Bang Bang may have its Child catcher, but we have our own boat catcher

                                                                   One of Bill's from Eastbourne




Graham having some Fun



                                                       Photo's from this morning saling (26/05/2022)






                                               Photo's from the club meeting on the 22nd May 2022




Its not as heavy as it look's


                                                                      Time to sit back and have a drink




A Deans Marine Thornycroft R.A.F. HSL.



                                                            We also have Trucks



Tony White's ferry

Now if you would like to own the fine model then please contact Tony



                                                           Tony White's Ferry

                                        Looks as if Bob is trying to make his club 500 into an amphibious boat

Videos of Todays Tugs are on the clubs Facebook page

Jack's Southampton showing how to do it




The things we have to do just to keep our other half happy




                                                          Sam's WW 2 Envoy Tug

                                                                                   Bob's Tug "Svitzer M"



  Sam & Graham discussing Grahams new boat

  (Video on the water can be seen on our Facebook page)